Ttt7The following discourse has been translated into English from Bhagavan's Telugu speech as heard on this festival's ashram audiocassette. It is a complete, literal translation made with the objective of preserving Bhagavan's precious original poetic style as much as possible.



November 22nd, 2002

He is one who knows the essence of Vedas sufficient to teach lessons to the ancient sages,

he is one with a noble conduct who had the tact to make the lifeless stones dance,

he is one expert in the fine arts who had the tact to make the very valorous sons to sing,

what use of there being so many (of people like this)?

Not even one listens to their cries in distress.

There’s nothing else that needs to be made known

Oh gentle and virtuous members of the assembly!

(Telugu poem)

What Does ‘Education’ Mean?

Boy Students and Girl Students!

What does education mean? What kind of education should we study? What are the standards of education? What is the ideal education for elevation of human beings? What is the result that we get through the present day education? The individual who thinks about and understands in detail the prabhava of this pancha tantra (five issues concerning education) is a true student.

Vijnana (higher knowledge) and prajnana (supreme wisdom) do not come about through the student. Man acquires these sacred powers through the culture of education.

What does ‘culture’ mean? It is not a special rule (stipulation). In daily life man experiences the temporary paths of untruth, perjury. It is culture to change these into the true and eternal path and to try to live the Divine life.

Where is such a sacred Divinity? This Divinity is the Sathya Swarupa (embodiment of Truth) dancing in every human being. Truth is the manifest God for every human being on earth. It is not the country that you have to protect. It is not the country that should be fostered. If you foster Truth and Dharma, the country will be protected by Truth and Dharma. Only when Truth and Dharma are protected, the entire universe will be completely fine. This entire universe has its foundation on Truth and Dharma.

All is created from Truth.

The entire creation will merge again in Truth.

The place without the grandeur of Truth

cannot be seen.

See, this is the pure Truth!

(Telugu poem)

Every human being has his foundation as (or is depending upon) Truth and Dharma. This Truth and Dharma are protecting this universe. However, man, unable to recognize this Truth, has numerous kinds of sufferings.

Embodiments of Love!

Education is not merely a type of exercise. Or, education is not arranged to eke out a livelihood. One must feel that it is arranged for life’s goal.

The Sacred land Of Bharath


Where did you (P) come from? You (P) were born only in the sacred land of Bharath. Where are you (P)? You (P) are in the land of Bharath. You (P) are unable to understand such a sacred nature of Bharath. Though being born and growing on this earth, you (P) are not able to recognize your meritorious nature.

The land of Bharath is karma bhoomi (the land of action) to discharge duty. The land of Bharath is to discharge such a duty and accumulate merit. Therefore, this is called as punya bhoomi (meritorious land). The Truth has to be recognized that this land of Bharath is meant for sacrificing the human quality and propagating Divinity and sharing the nature of Love. It arranges to foster such a nature of merit and therefore they gave it the name of punya bhoomi.

What is the close relationship between this land and God? This is a hand. This is a leg. This is a head. This is a stomach. All of these limbs are joined to the body. Hence, that which has numerous limbs is this body. This body has human nature. So what is this humanness related to? It is joined with society. It is associated with society. What is society associated with? It is associated with prakrithi. What is prakrithi associated with? It is associated with Paramatma (God).

Therefore, prakrithi is the limb of Paramatma. Humankind is the limb of prakrithi. Prakrithi is the limb of society. Society is the limb of humankind. Hence, we will understand Divinity only when we recognize the nature of so many limbs and act accordingly.

You Won't Obtain Right Without Duty

Embodiments of Love!

Truly, when each one closes their eyes and inquires, (one concludes that) Divinity is making humankind to conduct. Man could not live one single moment without Divinity. However, due to the ego that he can live (without Divinity), to some extent he is spending time but just because he spends time thus, it is not sanctifying time.

Is duty first or is action first? When this is inquired, many people go on saying, “We have right, right, right.” Where did this right come from? You won't obtain this right without duty. Hence, only when duty is practised, you will obtain the result of duty, (which is) right. The child won't be safe at all without the mother. In that same way, duty won't come about at all without action (without duty there are no rights).

Therefore, duty is not first. (Swami corrects Himself,) Right is not first. Man has no right at all. Only when he discharges his duty, the result of this action will transform into right.

Is the stream first or is the rain first? When it is thus inquired well, (one concludes that) rain is first. Only when the rain falls, a stream will come about. Without rain the stream will not flow.

Therefore, the stream is like right. However, rain is a kind of (symbolizes) duty. Without that important right how can you have this unimportant right?

The Knowledge of the Self is the Highest Education

Boy Students and Girl Students!

You (P) are studying. You (P) are acquiring very great degrees. However, no matter how many (degrees) are acquired, peace of mind is not obtained.

Ehamunu Sukhimpa Hemataaraka Vidya;

Paramunu Sukhimpa Brahma Vidya.

For happiness here, there is secular knowledge.

For happiness in the other world,

there is spiritual knowledge.

(Telugu poem)

In order to have education (happiness or comforts) here, secular education has to be learnt. For the other education (spiritual happiness or comforts), one has to undertake some efforts of investigation (inquiry). Therefore, spiritual knowledge cannot be obtained through this (secular) education. It is said:

Adhyatma Vidya Vidyanam.

The Knowledge of the Self is the highest knowledge.

(Sanskrit sloka)

Saa Vidya Yaa Vimuktaye.

True education is that which liberates.

(Sanskrit sloka)

Therefore, in the matter of our education, we are flowing in many ways with a few doubts. Mankind, students, of today are unable to recognize the Truth that mankind contains Divinity. Hence, first and foremost these students should recognize the Truth of, ‘Who am I?’

Is duty first or is right first? Parents play a major role to recognize this. Among right and responsibility, right is important. Yet they are feeling that there is no responsibility at all. If the strength of the parents is not in you (P), how are you (P) living in this world?

Hence, you (P) should protect the right of the parents. Only when you protect the right, the parents will recognize your (P) responsibilities and act accordingly.

So, the culture of Bharath gave the first place to the mother and father:

Mathru Devo Bhava.

Pithru Devo Bhava.

Mother is God.

Father is God.

(Sanskrit sloka)

It is Worldly But Not Transcendental

Science of today is great. How did this greatness come to science? This only came about due to secular education; it is worldly but not transcendental.

What is the prabhava of this science? The prabhava speaks of dividing the state (investigating each aspect) of prakrithi. Due to speaking of the details of prakrithi, it transformed into science. Where was it born? Where did it grow? How does it continue? Prakrithi (science) teaches this truth to us.

However, there is a foundational principle for this. That is spirituality. Without that basis of spirituality, the prabhava of this science could not be seen by the world at all. Churchill said:

Man has conquered all

but he has not conquered himself.


Man is unable to know himself. Man is finding out (getting to know) about everything. What is the use? What is the use of knowing about so much when he doesn’t know himself? Therefore, man of today is trying to know about everything in the universe. He is trying to recognize the nature of prakrithi through science. However, first and foremost who are you? What is the nature of your character? If that is essentially inquired, then he will find out. Therefore, first and foremost one should know one’s own power (or capability, potential).

Mother Is God, Father Is God

When this convocation happened in the past, saying it was a big anniversary, some people got together and they used to teach everyone well:

Mathru Devo Bhava.

Pithru Devo Bhava.

Acharya Devo Bhava.

Adhiti Devo Bhava

Mother is God.

Father is God.

Teacher is God.

Guest is God.

(Sanskrit sloka)

They taught such ideal foundations. Without the mother, how were you (how could you be) born? The mother shows the father. The father shows the teacher. The teacher today shows God. However, today the teachers that show God are very few. Regardless of how the situation changes, the mother only (still) shows the father. It is only the mother who has the authority to show the father but no one else in the world has it.

So, we are forgetting today such an eternal and true motherland. We are not recalling such a true and eternal motherland. Therefore, children should recognize well this motherly nature and act accordingly.

Why Shouldn’t you Serve In Your Own Country?


Today you (P) are taking degrees and you are going out (into the world). There are 200 Universities in our country of Bharath. There are 8,000 Colleges. Every year these universities are giving degrees to numerous thousands of people and sending them (out into the world). However, what are the students that go, doing? After studying so much education, what is their livelihood?

In the past, they used to teach students for the sake of getting jobs. Today jobs must be learnt for the sake of education. Hence, jobs aren’t acquired. Because of that what are students doing? They go on journeys abroad. What are they doing after going to foreign countries? In the foreign countries, they are doing services which should not be done.

Why shouldn’t you (P) do those services in your own country? Why shouldn’t they be done in your own motherland of Bharath? (Applause) Students of today study education and (but) they are not considering their motherland as a basis. They are not serving the motherland. They are doing service to other countries. This is not proper. This is not (the purpose of) education at all. Your life should be offered (dedicated) to the country where you are born and have grown.

In the battle of life, man has to become educated, stand, becoming valorous, and achieve victory. However, the student of today is not immersed in work at all.

Work is important.

It is not great to study and acquire great degrees. Now so many people have studied. Over fifty years has passed since Independence was achieved. After that (Independence), so many thousands and so many hundreds of thousands of children (students) have taken degrees. Now what are all of them doing for the country? Not participating in service to society at all. Not proceeding according to the high tradition of the country at all.

First and foremost the sacredness of the country has to be recognized. How can the one who cannot protect his own house, protect the house outside (of someone else)?

Stop Journeys To Other Countries

Therefore, Students!

Stop journeys to other countries. (Applause) Even if no job is obtained, work as a mere servant in this, your own house. Only do service in your society. Protect the reputation of your society. Achieve sacred fame to your motherland, the land of Bharath. Earn the reputation of, “This student is valorous in action and valorous in sadhana.” Therefore, today one should protect God, his own country.

All of you know: (Abdul) Kalam is here. He has become President of Bharath. Up till today he has not gone to foreign countries. (Applause) All that he had to learn, even science also, he has learnt in Bharath. What is not in Bharath, where is it in foreign countries? It is said:

Enna Bharate, Tanno Bharata.

What is not in Bharath is nowhere else.

(Sanskrit sloka)

That which is not present in the land of Bharath, we cannot observe anywhere in foreign countries. (Applause) Even all powers are present in the land of Bharath. All fame is also present in Bharath. Forgetting Bharath which shines with such fame and reputation, you go to all the dry lands, and what is it you are able to do? They see all of this as a type of drama. They are even offering (dedicating) there, the education that was learnt.

All the education that you (P) have learnt should be used in your (P) own country. Do service to your elders. First protect your own house, then good reputation will come to your education.

Therefore, first and foremost the back should be bent and work done. You (P) should become valorous in action. Instead of acting, it is not proper to spend our lives only with words and show (aggrandisement). Hence, first and foremost if we want to earn good reputation, first the body has to be bent and made to work.

If one wants a big tree, what is the seed doing after going into the soil? It destroys its own form. It comes out as a different form. That only changes into a tree. That tree gives all the fruits. Only when its ego is destroyed, we will obtain the true fruit in that. That seed completely destroys its form. Therefore, dehabhimana (body attachment) has to be left. One has to catch hold of deshabhimana (attachment to the country, i.e. one’s motherland).

Today there is no deshabhimana. If one asks all the students of today, “Do you know the national song?” They don’t know it. They know as many cinema songs as they want but they don’t know the national song. Why can't one achieve the nature of God and the fame of this nation, saying:

Jana Gana Mana Adi Nayaka Jaya Hey.

(First line of the national anthem, a Hindi song)

Today people are not recognizing the nature of their motherland at all.

You Should Learn To Respect Others

Boy Students! Girl Students!

We should protect (or safeguard) the respect of the country. We should increase Self-respect. Giving up Self-respect, then what respect will you achieve? The one who gives up Self-respect cannot achieve even any small bit of fame. What you (P) have to achieve today is Self-respect. That only comes out of spirituality but we won't obtain it on any other path.

All the people today, even the students, only desire these three: wealth, strength and friendship. Where did (the desire for) virtue go? To the one without virtue, what is the use of strength, wealth and friendship? Although wealth, strength (and friendship) are present, they are of no use without virtue.

Regarding friendship: saying only, “Hello, hello, hello,” everyone has friendship. There should be the proper virtue in this friendship. Within it is all hallow. So, first and foremost we should take (have or acquire) virtue.

We should respect the person in front, then only others will respect us. If one worries, “No one respects me at all,” yet, whom are you respecting? First and foremost respect others. Serve others. Then others will respect you and serve you. Whatever result we desire, first and foremost that result (action) should be done and shown to others. Then only you will get the reaction. Then only you will get the resound. Then only you will get the reflection (results?).

Hence, first and foremost you should learn to respect others. Respect the neighbours. You are not thinking about the situation of the neighbours at all. However, you are deeply worried about your own situation. That is not good. The ones around you should be respected well.

You may have wealth and may be a great man. However, there may be no dearth of food and drink. Respect doesn’t come to us through food and drink. Without fail you have to achieve the human values: virtue, Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa.

First and Foremost Protect the Human Values


If you don’t obtain the human values, if you say you are a human being, how can people accept it? You are not a human being at all. You are becoming a human being due to having the human values. The humanness of, “How should the man in front be respected?” is not in you at all. Then how can the man in front respect you?

Therefore, first and foremost protect the human values. These human values mean values that contain human nature. That only is the quality of God.



We should go towards the Divine quality but we are not going towards Divine quality like this. With that Divine quality we can be successful for any length of time.

Embodiments of Love!

There is only the one, Love, in everyone. The manifest God is only Truth. Therefore, it is with you, beside you, in you, near you and is protecting you in all ways. You don’t need to search for God thinking, ‘Where is God?’ Truth is your manifest God.

You should see that you don’t leave this Truth. Regardless of the situation don’t leave Truth. Just don’t leave Truth even if your life is in danger. That true and eternal Truth only is true Divinity.

(From official version.)

Embodiments of Love!

Love” is a quality permeating every living being. Truth is verily the embodiment of Divinity. It is in you, with you, around you, everywhere protecting you always. You need not search for God in some distant place. Truth is the very embodiment of God. Do not ever move away from Truth, even in times of danger to your life. Hold on to Truth steadfastly at all times.


Recognize the Unity In Diversity

Embodiments of Love!

One may be a bigger or one may be a beggar, but the Truth in both of them is the same. Therefore, if we protect that Truth, all will become one. We have to obtain this oneness. Only when we achieve the oneness in all, you will be able to attain the true Divinity. See the unity in diversity.

Look, now how many bulbs are here. They are many. In the bulbs that are many, the current is the same. Therefore, recognize the unity in diversity. Hence, even in every matter, the culture of Bharath told of one good example.

Sarvam Kalvidham Brahma

All is God.

(Sanskrit sloka)

What is in everything is that very nature. That is real Truth. When that nature of Truth is present, all saubhagyas will be with us. Don’t struggle for your saubhagya. Your saubhgya is with you. Your saubhagya is within you. It is not possible for it to be taken by anyone else. It is not possible for anyone to steal it. Therefore, protect that Divinity, the saubhagya.

Learn good words. Don’t give pain to anyone through harsh words. Don’t even give pain to anyone’s mind. Converse so that everyone’s mind will be happy.

Lincoln Didn’t Even Have Money To Study

Embodiments of Love!

If the words are good, our action will also be good.

You cannot always oblige,

but you can speak always obligingly.

Only when you talk in an obliging way, you will progress to a great extent. Society will respect you. You will achieve great respect in society.

You know Lincoln, don’t you? I have told (about him before). Lincoln didn’t even have money to study. He used to sit under the streetlights in the streets and study. They were very poor people. When he didn’t even have books to study, he took them from his friends, read them at night, and returned them in the early morning.

One day, all of his friends ridiculed him a lot, saying, “How will such a beggar be able to study?” He came to his house crying. Then his mother called him near and asked, “Son, why are you crying? What is the reason for this?”

Mother, I don’t have even one coin. I don’t even have money to drink a little tea. I sit by the streetlights and study. I request my friends to bring their books. I read them and return them again safely. I know the situations of our house. You have no ability (to be more prosperous) at all. Father is living as a carpenter. ”

What does this mother do? She brings the old clothes of others, sews them, makes them well (repairs them) and gives those back to them, and she takes money for that. How far did this experienced difficulty proceed? Finally that brought them respect.

Son, you know the situation of our house and are acting accordingly. As you are one who recognizes my situation and acts accordingly, without fail you will be successful. Regardless of how much happens, don’t give up Self-respect. Strive for Self-respect. That respect will bring about all respect for you.”

I Want Only Self-Respect

In that way he strived for Self-respect. Finally he painted a little, did a few types of services, sewed boots and he did services in this way. Gradually, he accepted the words of his mother and he developed Self-respect. After developing this Self-respect, he got a very good name in society. In the meantime, he even got a small job. With that, he cared for his mother, cared for his father and he also lived.

In this way, due to him earning a good name with others also, everyone loved him a lot. They gave respect. During this time a few elections were held. All of his friends said, “You always speak the Truth. You are striving for respect. If you contest in the election, without fail we will vote for you.”

All right, having faith in their words, he contested. He contested for the sake of respect.

I want only respect. I don’t want money.

Even his friends gave help. He said, “I don’t need your help.” Due to going to so much difficulty, he became the President of America. Lincoln who was someone so poor, (but) due to developing Self-respect he became President of America. How much respect that is! From where did this respect come from? It didn’t come from wealth. It didn’t come from position. It came from Self-respect.

So, Students!

Wherever you go, regardless of what situations arise, just don’t give up Self-respect.

I am man, I am man, I am man; not animal.

You (P) should foster something like this. Man is going about immersed in sensual pleasures. So, he is going about in the senses. To what extent will you (P) get worldly joys? They are useless. Therefore, all of these physical sensual pleasures will go in a moment. So, develop the Divine Self-respect. Only when Self-respect is developed, you will gain respect in the whole country.

God Protects In All Ways

Boy Students and Girl Students!

Both of you: become a kind of good candles to this country. Holding these candles, today evening our students will show a drama. This is actually based on the life of Lincoln.

(In the drama,) One student wanted and attempted to study to be a doctor. However, he didn’t have the capability even to buy books to study to be a doctor. Yet, what is done? The mother said, “Son, don’t be afraid at all. There is God. He protects in all ways. Therefore, don’t struggle for these people or for those people.”

When she said that, with that faith, one day, he sat and was writing a letter to God. “Oh God! It is said that You exist wherever one observes. My father said this. I am having full faith in the words of my father. When having faith like that, if You exist, why shouldn’t you have mercy on me? Why can't You give darshan to me?” He sat writing a letter to God that said that.

The bell ran in the college. When the bell rang, having to go to the college, this letter fell down while gathering everything together. He went with the belief that he had the letter, paapam! However, the letter had fallen down.

A meritorious soul was coming walking behind that (letter). “He is just a boy, paapam! He lost what he was writing!” Thinking that, he took it and read it. In the very beginning it was (written), ‘My dear God.’ ‘It seems someone has written to God.’ Thinking that, when he looked and read it.

He had written, “You are God. It is said that You exist wherever one looks. It is said You protect all. I am keeping that faith and I am praying to You. Protect me! Protect me! Bring me a doctor’s degree.”

Finally, he went to a medical college to study. The principal of that medical college was also a very good man. He said, “Dear one, you are very intelligent. You will become very greatly educated. Without fail you will obtain a seat. I will give the seat. However, fees must be paid.”

Though there is so much intelligence, when there isn't the ability to pay the fees, no one will accept him. With that aim in view, regardless of what kind of person I am, all right. A seat must be given. I don’t need his money. I want his love. What is earned with love, no one can earn with anything else.

He got the seat. When he got the seat, he was joyful. However, within he only had suffering. He thought, “For this, every single month fees must be paid. Where can I get it from? I don’t even have a naiya paisa. Even the one who sews shoes (cobbler) has naiya paisas (money) but I don’t have any money.”

However, that letter went and reached the principal already. Even the mind of the one who saw the letter was changed. “Dear son, don’t think (worry) about anything. You have had faith in God. Without fail you will get great success.”

How did it happen? A rich man got (found) this letter and that rich man took it and went (to the principal), saying that this boy is a very good person. He paid all the fees for five years at one single time.

Then the principal called this boy one day. “Dear, don’t you worry at all. All of your fees have reached me before.”

How did it come? In what way did they come?” Thinking that, he was surprised.

Now you won’t know. I will tell you after you get a degree,” he said.

Working hard in this way, he successfully acquired his degree. The one who got his degree, finally listened to all of the teachings of the principal and the rich man. Then he thought (about it).

All of his classmates came and praised him saying, “You will be a very great doctor, you will earn a lot.”

I don’t need so much money. What I studied, I did it to do seva. Service to society is my life. I have to do service to society. Free service should be done. In the way that I studied (without paying any fees), in that same way service should be done to others (without taking fees).

Are children like that observed in the world today? They are very rare. No money will be obtained (in miraculous ways). Without money, entrance in any school will not be possible. For the child that is born, a seat will have to be booked in an elementary school in the very beginning. Before that, an advance of 20,000, 30,000 or 40,000 (rupees) must be paid. When it is like that, where can such a boy (without money) acquire it?

Open The Eye Of Wisdom

Anything can happen anywhere to the one who has true faith, to the one who has true faith and worships God, to the one who contemplates (on God) and to the one with Self-respect. So this faith is reduced somewhat. Without faith how can he live?

Nammakam Anu Rendu Nainambulu Leni

Andhulaina Nedu Avani Yandu.

Without the two eyes of faith,

People are blind in this world today.

(Telugu poem)

Without opening the eyes of wisdom, what use is it to open the physical eyes? Open the eye of wisdom, then you will get the result.

They Cut Off The Electricity

Embodiments of Love!

You have been in Swami’s college since so long. Go anywhere and ask, did you spend even a naiya paisa? No! I am feeling badly, thinking that you (P) may have to spend something somewhere.

I am telling you a small matter today, (otherwise) I won't ever speak (of it). When examinations come, the children (students) put the lights on all night and study. However, the warden said, “Due to putting the lights to use, keep them (the use of the lights) under some limits.” He said that the electricity bill is in excess.

However, they didn’t listen at all. They kept studying. Afterwards examinations arrived. When it was two months before the examinations, the electricity people cut off the electricity. Their duty is theirs. You didn’t fulfil your duty (but) they did their duty. There were no lights. The children were feeling very badly. There were no lights for four months.

Our Warden came and told Me and said, “Swami, from so long You have been looking after us. Due to their being no lights at the examination time, the children are suffering a lot.”

Foolish fellow! Am I someone different? Why didn’t you come and tell Me then?”

He said, “But You are spending so much You are taking so many responsibilities. How to give even this responsibility to You? Due to fear I didn’t tell (You).”

Finally I said, “How much is it?”

70,000 (rupees) bill should be given (paid) to them.”

I said, “Don’t think of it all. Don’t tell the children. I will give this. Go and pay them, and make them give the lights.” (Applause)

Like this, I will strive any amount for the welfare of the children.

(Radio Sai: Today we gave to Paramahamsa.)

We Are Fostering Them

I saw in a paper, in a small paper. I won't (usually) look at papers, but I saw. A mother who had three children was suffering. The father went (died). Thinking, ‘Who will be able to look after such children?’ That mother gave poison and she killed the three children and then she died.

The second day I saw (this item in the paper) and I felt very badly. The land of Bharath is Annapurna Kshetram (the place [residence] of the goddess of food). How terrible it is to die of hunger in such an Annapurna Kshetram! So, with the opinion that things like this should not happen, what fate will the children who have no father and mother succumb to? We should give place for people like that. We should give an ideal for people like that. A foundation should be given.

Thinking that, I brought all the children without a mother and father from Bukkapatnam Mandal, Kottacheruvu Mandal and Puttaparthi Mandal. If there are a few people like grandmothers or grandfathers who take care of them, they also have become very poor. They don’t have enough food to eat at all. All (children) in a situation like that were collected, and I brought 60 of them.

They won't simply come just like that. I said strongly, “Dear one, we will give you meals, we will educate you and we will give you support in all ways, don’t be afraid at all.” We brought 60 children in that way.

Afterwards I told them, “As soon as you pass (graduate), we will also give you support. I will build you houses.” Saying that, in only a month I built them all houses. (Applause) I built them (the houses) and gave them (the houses) names.

I said, “Dear one, I will arrange a fixed deposit of one lakh for each of you. You study the education and by the time you come to a high position (successfully graduate), it will take ten years.” They are all very small children, paapam! “By then the interest would have increased several times over and you will have three or four lakhs. Then you can live happily.”

When that was said no one believed. How will they be able to believe? When the world is like this, they won’t believe in such a Truth. (Applause) They will extol untruth well.

Therefore, saying that to them, we are fostering them and we are feeding them. Today I gave one lack of rupees in the name of each child. (Applause) (From official version: Today I have given a cheque for sixty lakh rupees to Paramahamsa, to be deposited in the names of the sixty children adopted under the scheme of "Sri Sathya Sai Deenajanoddharana Pathakam".)

The Children Are So Joyful

Paramahamsa is also looking after them with so much Love. Every day he is bringing them in the car (bus or van) (for Swami’s Darshan), taking them back in the car and leaving them at their houses. How are they? The children are so joyful. They learned the Vedas. Everyone is able to chant the Vedas. They are always happy. “Son, are you well?” If that is asked, they say, “What do we need Swami? When You are present as a wish fulfilling tree, what shortage will we have?” (Applause)

They are so joyful. Where would they get such bliss? If one gives money will they obtain it? It won’t be obtained. Due to them experiencing such an ideal Love, they got such affection.

In that way, we won’t tell anyone of the works that I do. This is because no one will believe. What do I need with their belief? My belief is My own. They (the orphan children) should be fostered. They should be uplifted. They are all human beings. They are not different from human beings. Hence, one should always do what is said.

I Arranged For His Education


All of you (P) have grown up in this hostel from so long. All of you (P): go again to your own place, do service to the parents, also work at jobs, and now and then continue to come and go (from Prasanthi Nilayam). This is because to some extent you will forget all that you have learnt (here). Come again, and then it will be like we have fully taken care for you (P).

Think well: you (P) don’t need to know any big meaning. One boy, (From official version: “Swami asked Mr Raghupathy Rao to get up”.) Ask that boy, he has no father and no mother. When he came to Me he only had his mother. Even her, after some time I said, “Stay in the hostel in Anantapur, look after the girls there and be well.” She also died.

Then this boy was brought and I arranged for his education in all ways. Now he has passed MBA. He passed MBA and is now a lecturer. (Applause) We gave him a job there only (in Brindavan Campus). But he also studied with great sraddha. Isn’t that one example enough for you?

I am fostering so many people in this way. That is my duty. They are Mine. I am not someone else. It isn't as if they are not Mine. I am theirs. They are Mine. (Applause) Due to such Love, their lives are such ideals.

He (Raghupathy Rao) is a very good boy. He is not one who ever questions anyone. He will not ask anybody. (I told him,) “If there is anything any need, don’t ask (anyone else). Come to Me, I will give.” We are looking after him by doing it in that way.

Love All, Serve All

The reason I am telling all of these today is this Convocation is related to matters of the students. If you (P) come across anyone in such a situation, you (P) also look after them. Service to society is the important service. Service that is suitable to the welfare of society is necessary. So:

The best way to Love God is to Love all, serve all.

Develop those two. Love everybody. Serve all. Let them think anything and let them do anything. Students of today should install these two in the mind (heart). Suitable service should be given to the parents. Don’t give the parents any kind of dissatisfaction. When education is studied in that kind of way, that only is the essence in education.

Education will confer humility.

Humility brings deservedness.

Deservedness gives money.

Money gives Dharma.

(Telugu poem)

You (P) make full efforts through that humility. What is the essence of this victory (education?)? Humility only. Don’t give a chance for ego anywhere. Eradicate the ego and with faith in the Atma (Self-confidence), you (P) do service to society.

They Won't Have Any Dearth

Children who don’t have even a naiya paisa (single cent), even him (Raghupathy Rao), 7,000 or 8,000 (rupees) is being given in salary from the time he came. If it is so much in the beginning, then in the future it can became any amount (much more). However, they are good children therefore they won't have any dearth. I Myself will even look after his future. (Applause)

I asked that boy, “Son, would you like to go outside (into the world)?”

I don’t like to go anywhere.”

Then stay. Take your salary. I will have to give to someone, won't I?”

Whoever it is, the people who work here, I won't see (I don’t like) people who don’t take salaries. Outside people don’t know at all. They feel that they (people working here) are giving to Me (money). It will never be so. I don’t take a naiya paisa from anybody. It (the funds needed) will come of itself for My good works. All is obtained for My good work then and there (when necessary).

Up till now, there are so many hundreds of thousands here. Have I asked anyone for money? I have never asked from anyone. (Applause) There are people who have been coming from 30 or 40 years. I haven’t asked anyone. I haven’t asked and I won't ask. However, I am achieving my determinations. This will gradually increase but it won't decrease.

All of these children must be fostered (looked after). All the youth should stand as good ideals. If there are such ideal children, what bliss is more than that? That only is My property. All are asking, “Swami, how is the (Your) property (what kind of property do You have)? My entire property is: my children (students) only are My property. (Applause) If they are well wherever they go and acquire a very good reputation, that only is My bliss.

Don’t Be Lazy


Today when you (P) are taking a degree, this only is My degree. They are giving the education degree. Educare: I am giving the Educare degree. That is related to Atmananada (bliss of the Atma). That only is Educare.

Therefore, whatever you need, I will look after it. Do work; bend the back and work. Don’t be lazy. Don’t become lazy.

Laziness is rust and dust.

Realisation is the best and rest.

Strive to attain that realisation.

Kalam Loves All

Today our Kalam has come and I am so happy that he has taken a part in the education (the Convocation). (Applause) He has deshabhimana (attachment to the country). Some may think he has kulabhimana (attachment to his own community). He doesn’t even have kulabhimana. He is a Mohammedan. He has no (sense of) difference at all. He loves all. He brings everyone near.

He didn’t go to any country. He didn’t go to any country to study education. He stayed only in the land of Bharath and he achieved everything. No other greater scientist can be seen here.



There are so many scientists. It is all:

Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.

They all shake. He is not one like that (therefore) he should not get any (bad) remarks at all.

(From official version: “There are many scientists in the country. But what is the use? As the poem goes, ‘Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are?’, they are attracted by foreign lands. But Abdul Kalam is not such a person.)


He has no kind of ornamentation at all. His heart is a big ornamentation. He has good virtue, so he has become President of Bharath today. (Applause) I am hoping that this President should stay five more years and uplift the country.

(Bhagavan ended His Divine Discourse)



(Swami makes a request:) National anthem. This should be first thing (one should have, demonstrative of) deshabhimana (attachment to the country). It is no use if you forget your country. Wherever anyone goes, this national song should remain in the heart.


(The function came to a close with the singing of National Anthem by all.)

[Note: From the biography of Abdul Kalam, President of India: “Thoroughly Indian, the only brief exposure that he got abroad was in 1963-64 when he was invited by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to spend four months in the United States at the Wallops Island Rocketry Centre and the Langley Research Centre.”]