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Gerald 'Joe' Moreno of Las Cruces, New Mexico, went out of his way in a badly misdirected attempt to dig dirt on and defame the Sai-exposť activist, Barry Pittard, claiming that he is a pedophile. This attack (click here) was in retaliation to Pittard's continuing exposure of the many worldwide and very substantial allegations of of pedophilia, complicity in murders in June 1993 and fraudulence of many kinds by Sathya Sai Baba, who Moreno always tries to defend by whatever means!

Supporting and backing up the claims first made by a chronic libeler of ex-Sai devotees on the Yahoo group sathyasaibaba2 (Lisa de Witt of Tucson, Arizona) Moreno contacted Barry Pittard's former partner in Australia by e-mail and then invasively by telephone, a total stranger contacting her out of nowhere with the sole aim of exposing her and Pittard. When Moreno persisted with personal questions, she would have nothing further to do with him, which fact he chose to interpret to his own devious and self-justifying ends. (Repeatedly in his attacks on former devotees, he assumes that silence gives consent). However, Moreno was evidently so determined to defame Barry Pittard that he maliciously misrepresented the Internet page by Pittard's former partner (subsequently withdrawn), which Moreno claimed was 'proof' that Pittard fathered a child with a 15-year old girl. To add insult to injury, Moreno extended himself yet further by claiming that Sai devotee informants who knew Pittard confirmed to him that Pittard was known to have done this, without him presenting a shred of testimony from the alleged and anonymous sources. He continued to post his defamation on his website and bulletin boards over several weeks and still purposely distorts and avoids central facts of the matter.

Eventually, Barry Pittard posted a decisive fact-based rebuttal of Moreno's false claim. Moreno then had to retract his false allegation, though his reaction was most grudging and manipulative in its wording - a single line buried among a mass of self-justification. With bad grace he maintained that he had been justified in assuming what he did because of a single ambiguously-worded statement on the website of Barry Pittard's former partner. However, any sensible person reading that website text can see that it does not allow for Moreno's malicious misinterpretation. Moreno made no hint of any apology either to Pittard or his former partner, but instead laid the blame for his own programmatic misinterpretations on that partner in not answering his intrusive e-mail questions, as if she were duty bound to encourage invasion of her privacy! This is sufficient to show to what levels of effrontery and deception he stoops.

Despite Moreno having considered it an unavoidable face-saving operation, in the face of such crushing proof, to make the minimum possible adjustment to his position, he continues his long-standing slanders against Barry Pittard as being anti-Semitic, which many Sai devotees and others who have known Pittard well for many years know to be thoroughly without foundation. Moreno based this on the fact that two articles of Pittards had found their way to another webmaster with views abhorrent to most, who had posted the articles without Pittard's knowledge or consent. Eventually Pittard succeeded in getting the offending webmaster to withdraw his articles (which, incidentally, never contained even a hint of anti-Semitic writing). Moreno made further mistaken assumptions, such as that the people concerned were "buddies" of Pittard - showing how he lacks the commonsense or intellectual honesty to realize that other explanations exist. (Moreno's defamation can be seen - if desired - at

Lisa de Witt angrily maintains that she was correct in making her strongly reviling allegations against Barry Pittard The whole aim of Moreno and co. is strikingly obvious - to sustain an onslaught of baseless automatic counteraccusations on every point against every critic of Sai Baba and his Organization, regardless of fact and truth, and thus to occlude the issue and divert attention from the alleged crimes and deceptions of Sathya Sai Baba.

Gerald Moreno's attack on Barry Pittard was made repeatedly in various ways. Here is the main version from
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From: vishvarupa108
Date: Sat Feb 4, 2006 3:30 am
Subject: A Grace Disgraced: The Rise & Fall Of Barry Pittard

Barry Pittard, the man who accuses SSB of "pedophilia" for allegedly molesting men 16 years of age or older, does not divulge the fact that he fathered a son with a 15 year old teenager when he was 51 years old (4 months before turning 52)! The age of consent, in Austalia, is sixteen: Refs:

According to these legal references, Barry Pittard unlawfully engaged in sexual interactions with a minor and could have been (and possibly be) lawfully indicted under the Australian Criminal Code, Provision 210.(1)(a)(b)(c)(d) and 229B.(1) ("Any adult who maintains an unlawful relationship of a sexual nature with a child under the prescribed age is guilty of a crime and is liable to imprisonment for 14 years").

Therefore, using the standards that Barry applies to SSB, one can very well make the case that Barry Pittard is also guilty of "pedophilia"!

Barry's mate (whose name I will not mention out of respect for her privacy, her children and online business) stated, on her webpage (out of her own mouth), that she was 15 years old when she conceived her first son. She named Barry Pittard as being her "mate" and referred to Barry Pittard as the father.

Also, it is well known, among Sai Devotees, that Barry fathered his son with such a young girl, although many are unaware that she was 15 at the time she conceived.

It is often seen that those who boast the loudest about morality and molestations have the most to hide. This is true with numerous televangelists and priests. Barry Pittard, at the age of 51 (supposedly a Sai Devotee at the time) had unlawful sex with an underage teenager, impregnanted her,fathered offspring and tried to keep it a secret (notice how Barry NEVER makes any references to his children and his past mate). Another high-ranking
Anti-Sai Activist comes tumbling down off his moral soapbox.

NOTE: This posting by Moreno well demonstrates the lengths and depths to which he continually goes to try to dig dirt on any critic of Sathya Sai Baba, the Sathya Sai Society of American or International organisation, and on any alleging sexually molested victims of Sathya Sai Baba.